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Contents Australian Dollar as currency OFX prev OzForex Australian dollar AUD to Turkish lira TRY Converter How long the money will take before reaching the receiver Read today’s US dollar currency update How much does it cost to transfer money to Australia from the USA? The “Australian dollar” is the official currency of the Australia. […]

Content NFP Quick Analysis: Stocks set to squeeze as labor market tightens, green light for greenback gains Currency NFP Analysis: Peak inflation is peeking from the clouds, dollar set to fall Wage Growth NonFarm Payrolls Subscribe to the FRED newsletter This then often has a positive effect on the US dollar and US stocks. It’s […]

Contents Most traded currencies by value Why Forex Trading Matters for Average Consumers What is the spread in forex trading? Spot Introduction to Finance and Financial Markets What Is the Forex Market? Every time you make a trade with a forex broker they collect what they call the spread, which is a tiny piece of […]

Contents Market psychology How can you trade forex? Exotic currency pairs Trade Assistant Top Colleges for Foreign Exchange Traders FX Trader Jamaica How do I start forex trading? Many who do not go independent only spend another five years in the profession before retiring or finding another position; the pace and pressure eventually exhaust even […]

Contents Data collection notice Illustration of Bollinger Band Application of the strategy years of free data Pennant Trading With Bollinger Bands Beginner Forex book There are many tools that can help you in your daily activity of trader. One of the most popular and used are undoubtedly the Bollinger Bands. After making a lower low […]