All you need to know about pursuing a Political Science course

An entry-level job in Political Science earns you an average salary of 2 lakhs per annum. With experience and skill enhancement, you can expect a steady increase in your salary. As a political science student, you will hone your writing, analytical, communication and data skills that are fundamental to a great career. Most of the countries in the world follow democracy so the importance of choosing Political science increases automatically. Political Science is beyond politics, it transforms you from an ordinary thinker to a critical and analytical one.

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Or you think about topics like migration, authoritarianism, freedom of speech, laws, populism and globalisation. Furthermore, Political Science requires one to have strong analytical skills. Political scientists must be able to gather and evaluate both qualitative and quantitative data and possess a great deal of ingenuity, which is essential to produce original and groundbreaking papers.

Definitions of Political Science

The class 12 political science syllabus consists of two parts, Part A & B are the theory portion and consist of 80 marks, and part C is the 20 marks project work. This approach emphasizes on the understanding of the social context to explain the political behaviour of the members of the community. The state is considered primarily as a social organism and politics is understood through the sociological factors. But critics are of the opinion that too much of emphasis on the social context can affect the very autonomy of the discipline.

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Upon reaching the graduate level, pol science students can analyse political documents, conduct original research in areas that interest them, and even publish their findings. In this chapter students will focus on the topic peace, what it is and how can violence ever promote peace. In this segment students will learn about what secularism is and the criticism faced by our country over the topic of secularism. We are all citizens of a country thus it becomes important for us to understand this chapter as it explains about citizenship, universal citizenship, National and global citizenship. Learn from real-world political experience alongside Traditional areas of study Like states, governments, and institutions. Acquire knowledge of rapidly changing political and economic forces in a global perspective. A degree in Political Science can open doors to a variety of careers in various nations, including International Relations, Social Services, Embassies, and many more.

Political science class 12

To write novel and ground-breaking studies, political scientists need to be able to collect and analyse both qualitative and quantitative data. Political scientists can think about established political issues from fresh angles and arrive at fresh findings thanks to their creativity. The approach is reached on the assumption that political science emerged out of socio- economic crisis as well as the reactions they leave on the minds of the great thinkers. For example, conditions of ancient Greece created Plato and Aristotle , the 17′ the century England produced Hobbes and Locke, the capitalist system created Mill and Marx etc. Now that the schedule for CUET 2023 is announced, there is hardly a month gap between the Boards and CUET. It is crucial that you don’t loosen up on your intensity and maintain some balance between the preparation of political science class 12 and CUET. Go through the detailed syllabus of political science for CUET which is slightly different from the political science class 12 syllabus, and prepare an effective strategy to prepare and cover the syllabus comprehensively and well on time.

The use of more and more scientific means that inspired several political philosophers to consider political science as a value free science. H Laski- “The study of politics concerns itself with the life of man in relation to organised states”. One has a chapter summary and the other model answers for board examinations.

It seeks to study the role of individuals and their motives, accomplishments and failures in the past and its implications for the future. In understanding the political issues of today, the help of historical parallels are sought. However, critics argue that historical parallels can be illuminating, but at the same time they can also be misleading as it is loaded with superficial resemblances. The different examinations test the candidate’s basic intelligence, ability to think logically, communicate effectively, and work well in a team. The civil services in India offer a variety of benefits, such as a government salary, pension, and insurance. The civil services also offer many opportunities for advancement, such as promotions, career advancement, and transfer between jobs.