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Live Chennai: Heavy Rainfall Likely in Tamil Nadu,Heavy Rainfall,Tamil Nadu,Chennai,meteorological department, S R Ramanan

Balachandran, who had on prior occasions interacted with the media during Ramanan’s absence, joined the Indian Meteorology Department in 1992, in Pune, as a meteorologist. Copyright – newindianexpress.com 2023. Website Designed, Developed & Maintained by Express Network Private Ltd. “This is bad. I am not some kind of star. I am just a government official who is informing the people about the weather condition. It is a bad thing to hero-worship like this,” Ramanan said about his fame. “In this state people easily hero worship; it is not the right thing to do. If someone like Abdul Kalam is hero worshipped, that is right; he deserves to be worshipped for his achievements. But in my case it is completely misplaced,” he said.

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S Ramanan, director of Area Cyclone Warning Centre in Chennai, who had become a super-star overnight with his pictures that went viral on the social media even as rains pounded the city for over a week, was himself a victim of the deluge. His popularity and fame are not new found though, he has been popular for several years. Every monsoon, Ramanan uncle is a TV favourite. But during this year’s rains, there was yet another phenomenon which propelled him to the next level of celebrityhood on social media. This season, SR Ramanan was the most ‘memed’ person on Tamil cyberspace. Presently the Director for Cyclone Research Centre, Balachandran will assume the additional full-time charge of area cyclone warning centre from Friday. Ramanan has been in the job for more than three decades and has been appearing on television channels since 2002 to deliver weather forecasts.

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But, unlike a few other fields, say photography or poetry, the telltale signs of interest and passion are not all that easy to spot when it comes to a career in meteorology. Specialists in the field of meteorology are called meteorologists or climatologists. A career in this field involves a study and research of the Earth’s atmosphere, the resultant weather patterns and climatic systems. “I cannot forget Thane cyclone in 2011. When it made a landfall, All India Radio called me and I gave an interview about the cyclone which was aired the whole day. As people can tune into their battery powered radios, we were able to avoid substantial number of deaths because of the cyclone,” he said. It is said that some people treat him like an astrologer.

The fan pages were initially filled with memes and humorous posts about Ramanan. But the content has dramatically changed over the past few days. With heavy rains triggering floods in the region this week, the memes have been replaced with warnings, forecasts, helpline numbers and other useful information for the state’s stranded inhabitants. Gone are the days when students would get glued to the television during rainy days awaiting renowned ‘rain man’ Ramanan, Director, Area Cyclone Warning Centre, to forecast rains to get a school holiday.

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Heavy Rainfall Likely in Tamil Nadu

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Seasonal forecasting in another area of focus,” he says. Ramanan is a post-graduate in physics from Annamalai University. He got his PhD from the University of Madras in agricultural climatology. He joined the Meteorological Department of India in 1980. He worked as a forecaster at the Northern Hemisphere Analysis Centre, New Delhi and also at the Aviation Meteorological Office, Chennai airport. He was actively involved in the installation of Automatic Message Switching System in 1995 and after his promotion as director in 2002, he joined the Area Cyclone Warning Centre, Regional Meteorological Centre in Chennai.