Why White Label a Payment Gateway?

Catering to Customers’ Expectations – Your business offers a great product; the customer has decided to go ahead with it and has proceeded to make the payment and avail your services. The only way that they are going to have even a speck of doubt is if this gateway payment isn’t made in a hassle-free manner. On the other hand, having a good direct payment gateway interface that works efficiently and satisfies your customers will automatically make them trust your company. In the world of e-commerce, where there is limited human interaction, a customer will always be sceptical of their payments.

Businesses may use easily accessible technology thanks to links and authorizations across various acquiring banks. Most resellers are satisfied as long as they can put their names on the list of high-grade products. 87% of consumers leave their shopping carts owing to a complex, time-consuming, or stressful checkout experience. To keep and get new consumers, you must provide a quick, frictionless, and superior checkout experience for them. You want to influence the process and improve the quality of the currently used solution. But the 3rd party provider is reluctant or unable to introduce improvements.

Highlights of choosing a White-label payment gateway https://xcritical.com/blog/white-label-payment-gateway-benefits-and-drawbacks/

The experienced team develops and maintains a payment platform for your business, provides technical support, and advises its employees and clients on any issues related to the use of the payment platform. Our updated documentation and API libraries provide everything you need to quickly and easily integrate your customers’ online stores or mobile apps with your payment platform. Besides, merchants can use different transaction types depending on the business’s needs. For instance, Ikajo offers payment transaction & cancellation, payouts , recurring payments & subscriptions. The latter manages all transactions automatically once the customers set time intervals and agree to the fee structure. You need to separate processing logic from the core software product.

However, when you opt for a third-party solution, like the one offered by WLPayments, this issue can be addressed. Outsourcing to a White-Label solution not only costs less than building a payments platform from scratch, but it also encompasses predictable, scheduled costs which simplifies business planning. We’d love to meet you and showcase how you can use our platform for your benefit. For specific pricing details and to see a demonstration of the UniPay payment processing platform, contact us now. We’re ready to help you get to the next level with our products and services. As more customers buy from you, white-labeling payment solutions will help you get your brand noticed while also ensuring top-of-mind recall.

How a White Label Payment Gateway can compliment and add value to your Software Solution Business.

Increased Visibility of your Brand – This value is more noticeable in organizations that offer various third-party services or products that complement each other. The right payment gateway partner is one of the keys to the company or brand’s success and growth. Plenty of business owners are allured by the idea of integrating payments into their software or apps. It’s a possibility to handle online payments safely for both parties and expanding the client base on national or international levels.

But a white label gateway takes things one step further by allowing you to offer these same services to your own customers. A white label payment gateway is a service that allows you to accept credit cards and other forms of electronic payments. There are many different kinds of white label payment gateways, each designed for specific industries or businesses. In this guide we’ll cover the basics of what a white label payment gateway is, why it’s so important for your business, and how easy it is to implement one in your own organization.

Pros and Cons of Using a White Label Payment Gateway

When you employ a white-label payment gateway, your customers get more loyal and trusting of your services. But on the other hand, many individuals will distrust or be disappointed if a payment option brings the customer to an unknown website. Advanced payment gateways also come with added services like recurring billing, fraud protection, enhanced payment gateway encryption and tokenization – all of this aids the financial functioning of a company. Interface, Security and Training materials – The interface, although customizable as per company requirements, should have a generally sorted feel from the beginning. Along with the technicalities, ensure that the vendor caters to the aesthetic needs of the product as well.

  • This association can be a highly tedious task if managed by your company on its own.
  • It offers a payment gateway with access to an enormous amount of connectors.
  • Given the compulsory nature of the service of gateway payments, it is always better to make it as cost-effective as possible.
  • A smart and sophisticated gateway solution takes a lot of time and skill to build and maintain.
  • Shared Responsibilities and Ownership – As long as the payment gateway is working correctly, the business will not be solely responsible or saddled with any problems.
  • For specific pricing details and to see a demonstration of the UniPay payment processing platform, contact us now.
  • If they extend their services to your customers but they require you to retain their name and branding, they’re not a true white label gateway.

If you want to avoid slowdowns, that occur when multiple businesses are sharing a white label payment platform, you might want to go with a dedicated payment gateway instance. One of the downsides of a white-label gateway that could be critical for you is that you don’t have enough control over the process. Everything is handled by the gateway provider, including PCI compliance, integrations, certifications, maintenance, etc. Also, if multiple users share your gateway solution, it can work slowly due to overload.

Within the payments industry, a white label payment gateway has many benefits and Cardstream is one of the very few trusted payment gateways offering white labelling for hundreds of their resellers. White-Label Payment Gateway Solutions providers like WLPayments have the expertise and capability to provide the latest innovative technology to simplify online payments. They have direct integrations and accreditations with numerous acquiring banks, as well as payment methods.

Choosing a white label gateway provider

Let’s look at a few examples by reviewing the most popular companies that offer best-quality services. Businesses like online stores, e-commerce software, gaming platforms, and system providers often use such services. Every company that wants to accept online payments should consider getting them. Just pick the most suitable and reputable partner and get the wanted services.

Highlights of choosing a White-label payment gateway https://xcritical.com/blog/white-label-payment-gateway-benefits-and-drawbacks/

Customers may pay via a third-party gateway while utilizing the company’s brand name when employing a white-label payment gateway from a third party. For instance, an independent sales organization resells bank-issued merchant service, card payment terminals, and an eCommerce shop. Having a branded payment gateway is one approach to improve your brand’s visibility and exposure.

This way, you can provide customers with a great transaction experience and avoid costly data security assessments on the website. Business owners ask these and other similar questions to third parties, consulting firms, or teams of developers. Usually, they usually entrust the payment gateway implementation process to those instances.

White Label Payment Gateway Solution

You establish added credibility by using your own name and logo for payment processing services—as opposed to pointing customers to a third-party provider. A payment gateway needs to be constantly accredited, https://xcritical.com/ goes through PCI DSS Compliance, regulatory compliance and a lot more. With White-Label Payment Solutions, you get a polished, ready-made product for your brand, which is ready to board your customers.

Highlights of choosing a White-label payment gateway https://xcritical.com/blog/white-label-payment-gateway-benefits-and-drawbacks/

Gatewayeast offers a robust framework for your business to enter the required changes readily. Moreover, there are expert features such as Global Card Saving and Easy Checkout Options for your business. Hence, we have compiled a list of the top 5 best White-Label Payment Gateway solutions providers for you. Shared Responsibilities and Ownership – As long as the payment gateway is working correctly, the business will not be solely responsible or saddled with any problems. They can alternatively concentrate on fixing or improving the payment service. Specialized assistance and customer feedback for service improvement are also available to the business.

Systems offered by PayBito’s White Label Payment Gateway

A payment gateway’s accreditation, system upgrade, code test, and update are all critical. If you’re looking for a quick way to brand and advertise your goods, employ polished ready-to-market items that are already impressed and marketed. Your clients will have a better opinion of you if you utilize the White Label solution.

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Increased Customer Loyalty – For businesses already enjoying happy and satisfied customers, adding this type of complementary solution to their existing services will improve their customer’s reliance on them. Consequently, customers will be more likely to stick around for the long haul. Customers love to deal with a single company for a variety of products and services, enhancing the value of the brand and making them the more popular option. A white label payment gateway white label gateway may be right for you if you want to offer payment processing to your customers as part of your business. It is possible to set up a white-label payment gateway that will allow you to build a store for each of your customers if they sell products for you rather than themselves. Feel free to contact us and learn, how to avoid the losses and mistakes on the way to implementation of your own white label payment gateway solution.

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In essence, why would a merchant acquirer or ISO resell someone else’s payment gateway, when they can be the payment gateway themselves. The white label payment gateway also provides you with a secure connection so that your customers can safely store their credit card details instead of having them exposed on your website. Companies looking for credit card processing under their brand name. Several white-label payment gateways allow you to offer clients the option of using a credit card with your company brand name.

A New Payment Platform: Build vs Buy

However, keep in mind, that each change you introduce will have to be separately certified by all your respective channel partners. You are enjoying benefits like high ROI, the provision of innovative and practical payment solutions, and a strong brand reputation. How to Increase E-commerce Revenue Using Payment Orchestration Platform Each online merchant strives to grow business and increase profits. There is no better way to do it than by choosing the right payment solution since it affects the conversion rate and processing costs. The system can be a real gem for merchants willing to fully automate their payment flow.

Technological Benefits – The business can benefit from the newest technological developments, such as ApplePay and AndroidPay. Business owners can readily utilize available technology thanks to direct integrations and accreditations across multiple acquiring banks. Most resellers will appreciate placing their businesses on a list of the best in the industry and marketing them as such. No wonder such an approach is gradually receding into the past, giving way to more efficient and tailored to the needs of high-risk business payment solutions. White label payment gateway will assist in making customers loyal and confident in the services.

What is a White-Label Payment Gateway?

While the technology is not very complex, it takes more time to set everything up. We will summarize the key features of each company so you could choose the best option for you. The firm’s recommendations and personalized assistance might make the service even better. Consequently, the company can focus on its core operations and goods. The company must realize that such a system requires ongoing maintenance and management. An active digital marketer specializes in search engine marketing and social media networks.

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